What’s With NO’BACCO


Your Voice. Your Campus. Our Future.

Students in Forsyth County schools are forming No’bacco clubs on their campus and in their communities. These student-led, adult-guided clubs raise awareness about tobacco products and usage on their campus and in their communities. They focus on real life solutions to teen tobacco usage including smokeless tobacco, hookah, and e-cigs/vapes. The projects are designed and implemented by students through funding providing by a local community grant from the Forsyth County Youth Tobacco Prevention Collaborative.

3-Fold purpose:

Raising Awareness. Creating Change. Saving Lives.

Over 600 students have signed the Tobacco Free Pledge.

Community businesses have signed up to give $$discounts$$ to students in the program.

Contests and media Campaigns are conducted through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @forsythnobacco

So use #nobacco and help make OUR FUTURE better in Forsyth County!!!


Contact us for more details about your school and your sponsor.